All about Me ♥

We all have dreams… 

We dream about having a good future… a better family… a better living… houses and cars… places to travel and gadgets.

As for me, I’m an Innocent Daydreamer. Many people think I have everything. But life is not perfect. It never will, because if it is, what more could you ask for?

I dream about my family and what I could give them. I still dream about houses I want to live in… Places I want to go to… and sports cars I want to have.

I really believe that dreams are important. They make you think about things, they make you forget about pains and lose yourself into your own imagination. They make you BELIEVE.

Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Dream big and turn them into reality.




“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”


5 thoughts on “All about Me ♥”

  1. I do believe in dreams but I think you have to work for them to come true.

  2. I will be more than glad follow your dreams!

  3. Hello Ms. Zerah,

    A pleasant day to you.

    I will be launching s2kd by the end of April. Primarily it will be a collection of personal stories of travel in the Philippines. The basic idea is for people to share the excitement of going places and at the same time offer useful information to would-be wanderers.

    In connection with this I am requesting your permission to allow me to republish in full (text and images) your blog post at

    As usual, full credits along with a link back to your article will accompany the republished content.

    A preview of s2kd is available at

    Hoping for your approval.

    Ronald Alcazar

    • Hello Ronald,

      A good morning to you too.

      Wow, I already checked your blog “s2kd” and I say it would be a pleasure to be published on your blog.

      Good luck on S2KD, and I will definitely be checking this site always. I’ve seen that there are a lot of travel bloggers in there and I might be getting more ideas on my next travel from them. 🙂

      More power,

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