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Zerah Lakwatsera

Most of the travel tours that you might see online only offers Lumiang caving or Sumaging caving. Here’s the TIP… NEVER hesitate to pay additional bucks to experience spelunking in Lumiang and Sumaging cave. It is worth every penny!

Spelunking on these caves takes 3-4 hours (we did it for 3 hours and 45 minutes! We’re proud!) And it wasn’t easy I must say! But you wouldn’t feel that you’ve been in that cave for hours already because you will truly enjoy out there. You will be amazed especially about those rock formations, not to mention those kinky stories of the pregnant queen, king & queen’s curtain and all. I’m not going to be a spoiler here because one should really experience first hand being inside the cave to appreciate the stories.IMG_0146IMG_0152Our entry point is Lumiang cave. Behind us are the traditional coffins. Can you count how many are…

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