And here’s my 1st stop on my 3D/2N Sagada trip 🙂 Will be posting more of it ♥

Zerah Lakwatsera

My trip to Sagada is nothing but an unplanned trip. Well not really. Originally, we wanted to reserve a slot in but unfortunately, they cancelled their Sagada tour. I was cramming then because it is already Tuesday and we were supposed to leave by my day off and my planned leave, so that would be atleast 2 days from Tuesday. Talk about procrastination huh!?

Well, the reason behind this trip is that I’m really feeling suffocated and stressed already (because of work what else). So what would be a better way to refresh your system is a vacation… nature tripping to be exact!

I’ve always wanted to go to Sagada since last year, but because of that 14 hours drive from Manila, not having enough leave credits, all plans were held off but I am soo glad I pushed this plan through this time. Some people might want to…

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