Hey everyone! See where I went this time.

Zerah Lakwatsera

At the hotel that we stayed in, there are a lots of Koreans, and foreigners in general, who are fond of scuba diving. Sabang Beach is the part of Puerto Galera where divers go to experience diving at Mindoro. They all accept beginners and pros. But anyway, these Koreans saw us getting ready for our crash course in scuba diving, and one of them told us that we should enjoy it. The exact words he said was “It is like you’re on a different world so better enjoy it!” Not to mention they were already pros, diving in like 40 meters deep already and they just stayed here in PH for a week to dive at Mindoro. They’ve been to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, Maldives etc. They’re already addicted to it. They even showed us some photos of their underwater shots. I’ll be posting some at the end of this post.

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