Celebrating 50th Birthday of my mom at Tagaytay

Zerah Lakwatsera

April 14 was my Mom’s 50th Birthday. And when your parents reached their “golden” age, you wanted to give them the best celebration you can give. Although I know I have to work on that day, your mom turning 50 only happens once, so of course, I chose to skip work and go to Tagaytay City to celebrate this special day with my family.

SAMSUNGMeet my sissy and bro, Art is 5 years younger than me and Drei is 9 years younger. Our family is well planned huh?! =pSAMSUNGSAMSUNGTagaytay is one of the ideal place here in PH to go to when summer comes. But unlike Baguio, where even though it’s daylight the air is still cold, Tagaytay is still quite hot even in day but has a cold nice weather at night. And it’s nearer than Baguio with 2-3 hours ride from Manila.SAMSUNGAnd meet the birthday celebrant…

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