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You know the funny thing thing about losing weight is we always say: “I’ll eat now, and I’ll go on diet tomorrow. Promise!” But who among here can continuously monitor their diet plan, exercise everyday and so on??? Well I for one admit that I’m like that as well. I only reached as far as 4 months diet, with no rice only egg and banana and some wheat bread or oats. But that was way back 5 years ago?

So my goal now is to lose weight, and to lose my big fat tummy!!! I really envy those girls that they can eat whatever they want without worrying about getting fat or what not!

Going back to business, first on my checklist is to enroll to a gym and get a discount by paying for their 8sessions = Php xxxx. In that way, I will not just be motivated to exercise but I will be forced as well to go to gym. Second one is, grocery list. I need to make a list on whatever I needed to buy at grocery stores that will help me in getting my goal!

PicsArt_1365080575841And so I’m proud to announce that I already enrolled in Muay Thai classes! Paid for the membership fee + Get their discounted sessions. And it’s just been 4 sessions, and I already lose 3 pounds! Hurray for me!

I enrolled at Spartacus Fitness and Martial Arts just last week. My friend here is the girlfriend of the owner of this gym. And she really motivated me in getting this class. And I’m glad I did. Even though I have bruises all over my body now, it was all worth it seeing how much I’ve lost already!

For more information and if you have query about their classes, check out Spartacus’ facebook account here.

And as for my diet, it’s more of boiled egg + banana again. But this time, I added oats, wheat bread, fitnesse flakes and tea. I don’t eat rice anymore, no softdrinks no chocolates.

And I wanted this to continue. The stronger you are, the better you feel.