Day 2 at Boracay couldn’t be more perfect. See more of our adventures here. =)

Zerah Lakwatsera

And since we (esp moi!) were sooo tired on our first day, plus we slept in late, we woke up late as well, but just in time to have our dinner at the hotel we stayed in. And it was a feast. We munched the whole morning and filled our plates with foods, we didn’t bother to eat lunch, and we ate a lot by dinner. SAMSUNGAnd there’s a feast! We overloaded our selves with carbs, and good thing we did because we had sooo many adventures ahead of us to burn those fats. Wait till you see what we ate for dinner though.IMG-20130215-WA0015What awaits us in our first day’s adventure are jet ski and helmet diving. Remember we woke up late and we couldn’t decide which one we should try first, that’s why we only had 2 activities for that day.DSC00607Now, only 2 people are allowed to…

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