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I believe I mentioned that I’ve been so busy this past few weeks, and I still am! With all the works I’m doing, my cousin being here… Oh boy! I sure am busy. Luckily it is my day off from work {though I have to work this weekend}

So while watching Pitch Perfect, the movie is so great especially those who love musical, I thought I could make a blog entry. So I just want to share with you guys what I’ve been doing since February 1 up to now.

482034_10151426273529169_1191115101_nMy cousin Marie from Germany arrived February 1 afternoon and I picked her up at the airport. And we went to Greek Kouzina for dinner. And the food was exceptional! And I really really mean that it was so delicious, a must try for every body! We had salad and steak and pasta!2013-02-02 18.09.28_AnnePhotoGrid_1360251093952PhotoGrid_1359914753959_Josh66111_10151428091314169_2038478347_nHad so much fun attending birthday party of my niece and partying at Republiq {never went into club for 3 years now!}PhotoGrid_1360250960290PhotoGrid_1359917393385_JoshAnother food tripping with cousins at Agave, a mexican restaurant and buying doughnuts in J.CO at 2AM when there isn’t a long queue in line. Their doughnut really is soooo good! I’m so sorry waistline!2013-02-06 04.41.57_Josh_Bocea_RoundAnd when I’m not that busy or just want to relax, I am reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. He is my favorite author and Safe Haven movie will be out on next week.

I so miss my boyfriend and all reading this books reminds me of The Lucky One by N. Sparks as well. It was just last year that I really love the book and then one day boyfriend surprised me by going to the movie house and we both watched the movie. I miss him so much and he’s not here to surprise me to watch the movie. 😥

Anyway, thats usually is the reason why I was so busy this February!

What are your busy moments today?