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Am I really that busy or what? I haven’t made any post for the past what? Since last Sunday!? Oh no! Yeah I guess I’m that busy! Having one full time job and another part-time now… busy since our CEO and clients from USA were here in PH for their annual trip.. and busy planning for my cousin’s arrival here in PH (excited for another trip!) And speaking of another trip, yip, that’s right, that’s another trip coming up {2nd trip in a year now}, I was so busy booking flights, looking for hotels, browsing at my contact’s list for someone to help me, calling our relatives and spreading the news. All that stuffs!

And though I was busy, I still had enough time for my self, and that includes shopping.46280155_QGXk_uljXWfaT8C7vaBfzOgqSsYwC8IWUGDkHUUjgGkJust bought new stuffs like accessories {I’m so glad I know where to shop for the cheapest accessories!} and tada:46280155_ygY5bC82iT4Ueedbohoujad3fUoRMJPI_AgsREhUlUIBeing brave enough to strut this baby off the road. I don’t usually wear high heels but I really need one right now!

So even though how busy you’re schedules are, always make time for your self. It’s the most important part of growing up. Love yourself… and to love your self, find time to be with your self.