Fall in love with the beautiful paradise of Virgin Island Bohol

Zerah Lakwatsera

The last trip we had on our sea tour adventure is at Virgin Island, Bohol. The island is a WOW! You’ll be amazed how white the sands are, how clear and calm the seas are… It’s a PARADISE!DSC00454Once you arrive at Virgin Island, you will be welcomed by the locals selling sea urchins. I’d say going to Virgin Island will not be complete without you trying the sea urchin. It’s only Php20.DSC00796I grew up in a province and tatawid ka lang on the road if you want to swim at the sea. So basically, I eat every sea foods there is.. and that includes sea urchins… So here goes…DSC00458Yuuum! I so love it! Not to mention I haven’t had this for almost decade now. I love fresh sea urchins, unlike on Japanese restaurants. FYI: We call it tilik on the province.

But enough of that, now be…

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