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Starting my year with a DIY project I found on twitter, I want to call it my Achievements’ Jar. It’s where you put all the good things that happened to you, all the memories you’ve made and the achievements you had throughout the year. And at the end of the year, you can open the jar and read all the you wrote about your 2013’s best days. It actually is a good start, right?


Of course you will need clean and unused jar. We have so many jars here from sandwich spreads and I found this chubby one šŸ™‚DSC09297You will also needs some things for your crafts. I found all of this here in my stash. Back at college I love doing some scrapbooks that’s why I still have buttons and other stuffs to use. šŸ™‚DSC09298DSC09304I used aluminum foil and some papers I got back at province for a dramatic effect of confetti on the inside of the jar šŸ™‚DSC09308And here’s my very own Achievement jar. I only made simple designs but it really looks elegant to me šŸ˜€DSC09311Ta da! I have written my very first achievement this year. It actually is a big deal for me… it is truly great achievement for me and I hope to achieve more this year.

I also found different designs of the jar at pinterest.

Use it as pencil holder.For your daisies.Ā As a candle holder for your parties ā™„ I love this design.

See more of what you can do on your unused jars on my pinterest at DIY & Crafts board.Ā 

Good luck on making your own achievement jar. ā™„