See what we have for New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year everyone! ♥

Zerah Lakwatsera

Let me first greet you a happy new year.

I just want to share to you all what we have this new year. Simple and easy to cook foods plus we don’t have much visitors anyway, it’ll be just the four of us here.

DSC09210It is one of the beliefs that there should be “something circle” on your table so we made meat balls too… we also have fruits {not 13 fruits though}DSC09221Mama made malagkit and it is so delicious and sweet in a good way.DSC09228DSC09225DSC09232DSC09233And as for me, I cooked spaghetti for us. The reason that we didn’t cook more this new year is that I fear that it’ll go to waste bin by tomorrow and it is just wasteful.. thinking that there are so many people in the world starving.DSC09224And last but not the least, I’m going to put tonic on our drinks. Just don’t…

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