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This post may be late {I know my blog’s not updated} but I just would like to share with you guys how I spent my Christmas.

Well it’s not much actually, after going to church on Christmas Eve and eating noche buena, we just slept and the gifts were opened the next day. We didn’t have plans to be exact, my mom bought foods from mall {we didn’t even consume them all on one day} and on 25th, we still have lots of leftovers. DSC09172 DSC09174

Mama preparing to cook giniling (grind meat) and lumpiang shanghai {shanghai rolls}.

Here in Philippines, it’s been 12 years I think that there’s MMFF {Metro Manila Film Festival} where lots producers/directors showcase/create local movies for Christmas Day {and expect that the cinemas are full of people}. And that’s what we did, we watched Sisterakas with Kris Aquino, Ai Ai de las Alas and Vice Ganda as lead roles. That’s not what I really want to watch but my sister insisted, so ok, pagbigyan {let’s give it to her}! It is a great movie for family (PG 13) and it gave us so much laughter. What do you expect with Philippines’ queen of comedy being on the show?


And just after watching, we went to Max’s Restaurant as my treat for Mom & sissy. My brother’s not with us, he just gave us money to buy movie ticket and off he went to Marikina with some of our relatives. Anyway, we had dinner at Max’s. We ordered sinigang na bangus for me and mama + tapa for sissy. {PS: I look so fat here?! Why! Even though my arms are slim again. Talk about not being proportionate. Blame it on camera. hahaha}


This tapa w/ 2 sunny side-up eggs is soo yummy.


The sinigang na bangus we ordered is delicious. The taste of perfection!


Belated Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you enjoyed yours!sign