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Let’s take a break from all the Christmas posts shall we? =)

This is something I want to share to you guys since last week, but I have to wait for results before that. What I want to show is the hand cream I am using recently. When you’re all alone {with no yaya/maid} on your house, or you do manual labors, and you are all worried with your rough hands, here’s the best hand cream {in my opinion} I tried. Aside from being effective, it’s also cheap.DSC09002Introducing the Isana Hand Creme Olive from Germany. I got this from the package tita sent to us. From what I researched, it also comes with Camille and Aloe Vera scent. DSC08998A small amount of this hand cream is just what you needed and for 1 week or less, you can see the result. My hand feels so soft and moisturized now that I’ve been using Isana Hand Creme for 6 days now.

And as I’ve said it is also cheap. This 100mL hand cream costs $2.89 only. Buy it here. Unlike other hand creams I used, this one dries quickly and doesn’t leave that sticky feeling on your hands.DSC09014I can’t really explain the scent of this hand cream but it’s mild like a baby cologne. You have to buy one in order to know what I’m talking about in here =P