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As promised, I’m all about Christmas posts now. As they said, Christmas is all about giving, so to those who still don’t have an idea on what to give for Christmas to their love ones, here are my top picks of gifts under ₱1,000.

28059_394852233926732_691783379_n1.) How about getting bracelet for your fashionista friends. From Call It Springs for ₱65569379_378957938851663_193943969_n2.) Shoes from Habi Footwear, costs ₱899 each. There are also men’s shoes, worth ₱850. Check their Habi Footwear collections here.620353_10151876675767925_1189851856_o3.) To your coffee lover friends, you can give this to them. Starbucks tumbler costs from ₱350 – ₱500+ {depending on the designs you want}rachel-zoe-and-rose-apodaca-1581-04582-1-zoom4.) I love Rachel Zoe. So, fall in love with her as well through this book. You can find it in bookstores fro only ₱ 625. You can buy it also here.the-body-shop-5646-98364-1-zoom5.) Wondering how you can find perfume less than  ₱1000? Fragrances from The Body Shop {White Musk 30ml} for only  ₱950l-a-colors-6115-24713-1-zoom

6.) These make-up for less: a. L.A. Colors Loose Powder, ₱205 {buy it here}; b. Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer, ₱199 {buy it here}; c. 4U2 Glitz Shimmer Eye Shadow Duo 4g, ₱224 {buy it here}; d. L.A. Colors Nail Polish 3-pack 15mL (French White, French Nail Pink, French Nail Purple), ₱226 {Buy it here}; e. Hash zebra print brush set, ₱249 {Buy it herecollective-com-5229-31664-5-zoom7.) Bliss lad tribal print Mullet skirt, ₱455. {Buy it here}antic-s-4972-80713-1-zoom8.) And hey, don’t forget to give those cute godchildren of yours some gifts too. These plush toys would be perfect for them. For only ₱480. Buy it here.

What’s on your Christmas Lists?