What’s on your pouch? Those are my travel essentials. Visit my other blog JeepneyDrive for more of the post.

Zerah Lakwatsera

Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take 2 trolley bags with all your shoes and bags in there {Believe me, I know someone who does that!}. Aside from travelling lightweight, make sure you also have a separate pouch for your personal things such as make-up, perfumes, lotions etc. This makes things organize and you can easily spot your small belongings.I got that black & white pouch from my mom. Hahaha. But that is the pouch that has the biggest compartment with dividers and can hold anything I needed. Anyway, those usually are what you can find from my travel pouch.

  • Chanel perfume {reminder: you are not allowed to put your perfume in your hand-carry bag. Security will just confiscate it.}
  • My watch & other accessories
  • Make-ups (2 shades of lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, lip balm, blush on)
  • Contact lens & my eye glasses {Cannot live…

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