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Hi everyone! How are y’all doing?

It’s halloween, have you been dressing up? Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to prepare for that {and should I have one, most of the people here at work didn’t even dressed up. So, no prize for best in dress}

So, as a consolation, I just put some make up & spot prints on my right eye and some glimmery eyeshadows!

Yup, that’s moi!!!! And no, we didn’t wear any special costumes, and I’m glad I didn’t too, because after I left, Sandy just said that we all should just wear black {urgh! some people here are just buzz kill!!}

Anyway, good thing it came to my mind to just wear some black. This is the romper I bought from ukay-ukay! And I love it. And re my eyes, they’re just some L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro eyeshadows I mixed and matched. And just put some wet eyeliner for the spots and whoala!!!!

Yeah! Just goofing around with these crowd.Chicken Afritada by SandyCarbonara by MerotCheese sticks by Christian. And these cheese sticks are so damn good!!!! I need to get the ingredients of these one!

Above are just some of the foods we had. There are lechon manok (by moi, ate ren and sweet), malagkit, ube, ice cream and more. At the end of the break, ubos lahat ng yan!

Though we only had a 30-minute break I had so much fun with these crowds! Looking forward to next year’s Halloween!

And I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s night swimming with bf and friends!

Have a great long weekend ahead!

xx Zerah