It is inevitable that you’ll be gone for a while. It saddens me that I won’t be seeing you for so long. But what makes me sad the most is the fact that you’ll not be there when something big or small happens to me, or when I’m doing the things we used to do together. It saddens me that my Santa can’t give me what I wish for Christmas – YOU! I have so many plans for us this coming Christmas, but now, I just told myself: “There’s always next time.”

But I still thank you for the memories and the moments we shared together for the past 8+ months. You are the greatest thing that happens to me this 2012. You gave me so much happiness.

There isn’t any word that could tell how much will I miss you when you’re away.

Remember our first picture together? Shy type pa ako nian 🙂And nasundan ng another coffee at starbucks and eventually we just loitered there on the 2nd floor and talking non-stop. Sino na makakadaldalan ko? 😥I told you, I love your smile. And I will miss it. Do you have any idea how much it brightens my day to see you smile?And I will also miss this. Doing nothing but taking pictures and goofing around and laughing and smiling and the kilitian and lambingan. Everything!We have around 2000+ pictures on your iPad. Sino na makakasama ko sa pag-cam whore?I’m not a big fan of horror movies. But with you, I keep on watching Insidious. Now, nah-uh! There’s no way I will watch scary movies, not with you around.I love taking pictures of you. I have lots on my phone pa! 😉 And I’m glad I did take those candid shoots. Especially while you are sleeping. I can’t stop staring at you when you’re asleep. You look so peaceful kasi. It’s like I’m seeing a different side of you.Unlike when you’re awake kasi, you’re so suplado minsan. But I will miss it. You’re kasupladuhan. I’ve never met anyone as suplado as you are. And you are so cute even when you are suplado.But even you’re suplado, you are so maloko. And you always laugh at me whenever I’m mad at you. And I can’t really help but to laugh and smile. I don’t like being mad especially at you.And above all, even though you’re suplado, you are the sweetest man I’ve ever known. You never forget to show me how much you love me. You always show how much you care for me and you always took care of me. And I really really appreciate you for that. Who will cook for me now? 😥You always take me out for movie dates. You always surprise me with dates, and you always let me cry when the scenes are so nakakaiyak. You don’t laugh at me whenever I cry. You always hold my hand at movie houses whenever it’s too cold. Thanks for taking me to Sherlock Holmes, Underworld 4, This Means War, Lorax (with my sister), The Avengers, Men in Black III, Prometheus (Kahit nagkamali tayo ng pick!), The Lucky One, Hunger Games, Taken 2,  The Mistress (Congratulations, nakanuod ka din ng local movie on big screen!)… and so many to mention!And thank you for taking me to basketball games. No, I’m not a big fan of basketball, but I never knew watching it on arenas are so much fun. Thank you for not minding that I shout so loud and cheer so hard (though I don’t really know much of the rules)Food tripping without you, thinking about it makes me lonely.And speaking of food trips, I will miss eating at Banapple with you. I will miss seeing you eat your favorite Hickory Smoked beef. 😥I will miss riding and going anywhere with you. Just sight seeing and seeing places. I don’t mind going anywhere as long as you’re with me. I don’t mind being lost. Remember those 2 consecutive days that we got lost at airport and Antipolo, all thanks to me? ^_^And as of going anywhere, thank you for introducing your friends to me. They are the happiest bunch I met. Thank you for taking me to Anawangin. Thank you because of you I’ve seen not just a wonderful place, but your wonderful friends too. I actually miss being in Anawangin.And after that, you gave me the best birthday present ever. YOU! Being with you on my birthday, and celebrating it with you is the best birthday I had. Thank you so much babe. And I will really really miss you on my birthday next year. I hope you could be around to celebrate it with me.I will really really miss you babe. No Valentine date for me next year? 😥You know how much I love smelling you. Because you smell so good. Even though you are sweaty and amoy araw, you still smell so good. This is what I will miss most! Sleeping with you, listening to your snores, smelling you when you’re asleep, watching you sleep and thinking what are your dreams. I will miss all of it.And I will also miss this shirt. You look so damn good whenever you wear this, did you know? I really love this shirt on you. And I will miss the feeling I had whenever I see you wear this shirt!But you know what I will most of all? It is YOU. I know you already know this, but I will really really really miss you. What I said from above is just 50% of why I’ll miss you. The other 50%? I will miss the feeling I had whenever I’m with you. The happiness, the loneliness, the feeling of being kinikilig, the feeling of naiimbey (in a good way) dahil you make fun of me. And now, everything around me makes me miss you. Whenever I look at all directions, I see you. I see the things we used to do. I see everything. And what makes me miss you the most is realizing that you won’t be with me for 1 year, on whatever I’ll do. But don’t worry, because not just I’ll bear it all, but also I’ll be patiently waiting for you to come back home.

I love you so much babe, and no matter how far we will be from each other, you will always be in my heart.

I love you babe, I will really miss you. And thank you for loving me, even when at times I’m not lovable at all.