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Sometimes in life, you don’t really have to buy stuffs that are “in”… Like there’s this new iPhone 5, Galaxy 3, what else are other people buying nowadays?

I for one am a frugal type of person. (Does it show or not?) hahaha. I wouldn’t buy things that I don’t need. In regards to latest technologies, I don’t buy latest phones not unless my old one is beyond repair. Hello, I still got my Prada by LG (KE 850) phone I bought from my salary 2 years ago, and it is still in working condition.

Another thing is clothes. I know women like me are shopping addicts. And wants to buy clothes almost everyday if possible. I for one am addicted to shopping but as much as possible, I limit my self to buy those that I am sure I will wear.

But the thing I learned while in college, great buys are always found in thrift stores (or ukay-ukay here in PH). And being in a college, and money dependent to my parents, I learned how to shop in UKs and I’m finding great clothes (some are with brands also, you just have to learn how to look for authentic ones). And thanks for my tita for training my eye in which brands are real and which are some copycats.

Just last weekend, I found this thrift shop just beside the place where me, my bf and his brothers/relatives are eating. And while waiting for our food to be served, his uncle and I went to this UK and I found two great tops. And I happen to wear it today at work.

I find it chic and girly and comfy at the same time. So here is it:

My apologies for the picture because I’m just taking a quick snap shot of the dress (and I’m taking calls!) But that’s one of the tops I’m talking about. It’s actually an embroidered strap. Here’s a detailed look at the strapThe moment I saw this top, I didn’t let it go and I bought it for only P45.00! Cheap huh?! Like it too? 🙂

Sometimes the best dress can be found just lying in thrift shops, don’t you think so too?

PS: I missed blogging!!!

xx Zerah