I really had been busy this week. I was transfered to a different department, I was expected to achieve a quota, I got soooo late last night since I was so tired and my head aches… Blah blah blah…

And then I remember, I was going through a fast pace. I expect too much from my self that I tend to neglect some of the things that I really must put my attention on. I forgot my mantra when I was in college. My wise prof (though I really hated him then) told us, that there is always time for everything… A time to eat when you’re hungry, a time to sleep when you’re sleepy, and a time to study when you’re well rested and not hungry.

So now, I have to take things slowly. And I know, I need some sleep, but having an insomnia is not an easy thing. So while bf is out for some medical check ups, I need to catch up and do some reading. I’ve been wanting to read (and finish readin) Nicholas Sparks’ novels. And now that I have ample time in my hands, I want to finish reading “The Notebook”

I actually started reading “The Wedding” few days ago, but as I rea further, I found out that it was a sequel to “The Notebook” and the story is about the son-in-law of Noah & Allie. No I won’t be a spoiler here, I have seen the movie, and I am reading the novel now.

And you know what? It really feels good reading. It is my passion, to read. It takes my mind of things and everything that has been stressing me out this past few weeks.

And I am just taking a break, I have to finish reading. I can’t sleep not knowing what happens next. I so love Nicholas Sparks!


Just a quote I read from The Wedding.

Enjoy life. Don’t rush. Take one step at a time.
Xo Zerah