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How’s everyone’s week so far?

As for me, I’m having a tea-rrific day! Good things happened to me {though there are sad parts to it}, but so far, so good.

I am holding a new account and boss kept me busy this whole shift! I need my voice to function fully also. A great way to keep my voice in shape is drinking lukewarm water and a Mint blend full-leaf herbal infusion tea by Starbucks! It’s not just cool on my throat but a great way to start my body detox. I’m starting to have a diet plan again, in preparation for Christmas! {Kainan to the max you know!}

My all time favorite tea {aside from Chai Tea}A great sweetener for your tea, should you not want the bitter taste of tea, is opting for honey. Just ask for it on the counter/barista, and they will give you two {or more}.And I love honey for my tea. I’m not really a fan of bitter foods but I limit the honey to just one.Just playing around the back of the cup of starbucks! You’re extremely hot, says starbucks! ♥
Whatever you’re doing, enjoy your tea. A great way to relax those nerves and muscles!

xx Zerah ♥