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Me & bf are planning to go to this year’s Oktoberfest by San Miguel Beer.

This is my first time to attend Oktoberfest, and I’ve been wanting to go to Oktoberfest since I turned 18. Oh well.

The occasion is made extra exciting this year with the installation of six San Miguel Beer customized beer brand tents that feature diverse activities and performances for the enjoyment of all San Miguel Beer lovers.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen will put up its Beer Plaza where Filipino Pulutan Legends and the iconic San Miguel Pale Pilsen will be present and served by beer maidens.  Manila’s clubbers will surely party in style with the hottest DJs in the metro in the San Mig Light Party All Night tent, courtesy of the first low-calorie beer in the country.  It will be a hard core rock and roll night at the country’s no. 1 extras strong beer’s tent – the Red Horse Beer Pinoy Rock Tent.      

Those who go for the fruity kick of San Miguel’s lemon and apple flavored beers can enjoy their interactive fix in the San Miguel Flavored Beer Digital Hub. The San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Bistro Lounge will make available sumptuous meals best paired with Cerveza Negra, San Miguel Super Dry and San Miguel Premium All-Malt, ushering guests to a superb gustatory treat.   The Cage of San Mig Strong Ice, meanwhile, will be a haven for mixed martial arts fans and hiphop enthusiasts.

If my 200:150 vision is right, the ticket for this year costs Php150:You can actually see it at the bottom flyer, it’s a little blurry but the outline of it definitely says P150. ^_^

Check out their official site here.

Can’t wait
xx Zerah