Hey everyone,

I want to start my Monday {though it’s already Tuesday here in PH} by showing you what I just recently did as a special project. Presenting my new {uhhh, just new layout really} Tumblr blog:I just recently customized my Tumblr blog from it’s layout, to new link and so on.. since it has been idle for so long too, that’s why I decided to {uhhh} “resurrect” {hahaha} it. I have been addicted to Tumblr since 2009 I think, when it was first created, I feel bad that I haven’t visited it for so long.

It is just a random musings and posts from other tumblr users too, hope you’ll find it entertaining as well.

Click here to go to my site. And don’t forget to click that follow button. 😉

xx Zerah