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Many of you here {inc me}, doesn’t own DSLR like most of pro-photographers/other bloggers. As for me, I don’t really mind at all, as long as I got good pictures taken + Photoshop {I’m using CS3 since it’s the most user-friendly version}

Now let’s cut the chit chat and let me teach you how to have that blurry background photo: {Note: I’m a “shortcut key” type of person so, I’ll teach you more of the shortcuts, but I’ll do my best not to forget to include which Menu should you go to.}

This is a sample of a photo taken via Canon 7D.
{Photo Credit: Kristian}

You can also achieve such effect just by using a regular digital camera + some photoshop tweaks:

First, you have to set the lightness of your picture. You can either change it directly at your digicam or you may use curves {New LayerNew Adjustment LayerCurves…} Or press Ctrl+MAfter setting it to desired lightness, click the Pen {P} tool. Take note of the two encircled buttons above so you can only create a Path, not a colored shape.Can you see the line outlining Minney? You just have to click & drag the pen especially for the curves. Don’t worry, you’ll get a hang of it.After you’ve finished connecting the beginning and end point of the path, right click your mouse and choose Make Selection and adjust Feather Radius to ‘0’When you see the Marching Ants {ahh, I don’t know what else to call that line that moves}, right click again and choose Select Inverse {Ctrl+Shift+ I}After you’ve inversed your selection, Click Filter ► Blur ► Lens Blur {You may also choose Gaussian Blur}
After choosing Lens Blur… a new window will appear. I usually made the following adjustments: Radius: 20  Blade Curvature: 40 ◘ Rotation: 75  Brightness: 50

You may adjust it according to the level of background blur you want to achieve.So here it is!

Hope you find it useful to your picture editing 😉

More editing techniques to come
xx Z