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And here are some of our pictures during our Enchanted Kingdom getaway! All I can say is that it was a blast! Riding those extreme rides, the breath taking view from Wheel of Fate, the Space Shuttle {and my right shoulder hurts now because of the impact of the straps}, the scary Anchor’s Away! All those yelling and yelling and yelling that felt like your vein is going to break.

But first, meet my friends, (L-R) Gly, Melai, Drew. Annie’s a bit late, and most of our friends are quite busy. Some are sick {eyeroll}. But still, I missed these bunch a lot. And yeah! We called ourselves Anemics! You should have seen us during college days, especially after major examinations!

And here’s Annie! The always late Annie! Hahahaha.

And there’s a 3D showing of Journey to the center of the Earth by Jules Verne. A blockbuster I must say. The line is quite long!

And while waiting for Annie, we’re just chillin’ around Brooklyn Place! And me loves those buildings, which actually are just a food stores & cafes 😉Next ride – Space Shuttle! A must ride for adrenaline junkies. Want to know what it’s like to be hanging upside down 50ft {or more} above the ground?Aren’t those cups cute? =) The biggest food court at EK are just few feet away from Space Shuttle. And though I’m not hungry, I need to chow down some food since I need energy to compensate for my lack of sleep.See that boat behind me? Yip, that’s a boat, {aka Viking’s Boat} and we’re supposed to ride that after our lunch but it was scorching hot since it was around 1PM and me and friends are not up to riding that thing with the sun directly above us, so we just went to look around shops with AC and bought souvenirs.And just after the sun sets, we went riding the Wheel of Fate. It was magical and has the best view ever. You can see the whole kingdom and even the city outside. Though it was quite a bit scary. Let me share some of those views:{Photo via iPad}The fun doesn’t end there! And for the last ride…The EKstreme Tower! I don’t know how high that tower is, but this is the ride I didn’t dare go to. Why? I don’t want to die! Hahahaha. Only bf, and 3 friends just dared to do it. And though I’m just a bystander, I can feel the rush just watching them up there!It truly is a magical place, more fun and excitement!And for souvenirs, I bought a key chain and a stuffed toy “Eldar” the mascot of EK. Key chain for bf’s keys.

It was so tiring, since we were standing for hours and the heat, not to mention my shoulder pain from straps of their rides, but it was all worth it.

Don’t forget to make a wish at the fireworks every 8:30PM just before closing time! I did make one!