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Hush! I’ve been deliberately trying {and failing} to organize our new apartment now. For two months, I’ve been searching and searching and thinking of ways to make my living space, worth living {for lack of better word!}.

It’s a good space, alright. You can hardly find space like I have now here in Metro Manila {not to mention the privacy I’m getting}.

I’ve been trying so hard to improve the interiors of the apartment. But no luck there. I lack creativity now! And ideas! Hush! I theorized that this is because I don’t spend time cultivating my crafty side anymore {unlike college days!}. Ahhh, the life of the employed person!

Just days ago, boredom crosses my way! And I remember I bought two photo frames just last month. Originally, I planned to do something special about those frames. But at the end {up until now} they’re just stuck there in the bedroom. Poor them! Anyway, doing nothing, I tried to rearrange some stuffs, inspired by some bloggers also. *You know what happened then.*


Trying to keep things at minimal, but I don’t know how to finish what I’ve started! #EpicFailure


And I don’t know where to put those rings. I’m not really an accessory type of person, but whenever I buy one, I don’t know where to use it anymore. So I really sleep on purchasing more accessories. It just ends up on my cousin’s hands.

I’ve been looking for a white photo frame ever since, and now that I found it, I can’t put it to better use!

Maybe one of these days… I can finally arrange everything the way I wanted it to be.

Oh wait till you see where I put all my books! =p


Desperately in need of a creative mind,
xx Zerah