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There’s a fuss on the internet for the past few days about this ’50 Shades of Grey.’ Being busy on work and other stuffs, I don’t have much time to check what’s in & new on bookshelves. So, I honestly don’t have any idea what’s this 50 Shades everyone is talking about.

Until curiosity got into me. I downloaded the PDF file of 50 Shades {without reading its summary or book reviews}, started reading last Thursday. And snap! And just after reading the first 3 chapters of the book, I can’t stop reading, I don’t want to stop reading! But I have work to do.

I can’t stop reading for one reason, I was curious about Christian Grey’s mysterious past. Not because of the erotic scenes {with whipping/spanking}. Not because of Anastasia Steels’ virginity and their hot sex every moment they got.

And though he’s “Fifty Shades of fucked-up” somewhere deep down his heart, he’s a good person {but I highly disagree of him whipping and using belts on Anastasia. Gosh it hurts!}

Anyway, I’m on the 2nd sequel {Fifty Shades Darker}.

Zerah xx