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Weather’s not really good here in PH. Floods everywhere, the rain’s still pouring, for more than 12 hours straight now. I’m currently at work and though we have lots of back logs, production is low because all of us here are worried sick because of the current situation.

I’m just lucky that it’s not flooded where I live, but some areas I will pass by on the way home are.

What better way to spend my 15-minute break than to design iD some Nike shoes for bf. {No, I’m not planning to buy him one! Not now anyway. :p}

So here’s what I designed. Lebron 9. It doesn’t vary much from the original design, Since his fave color is red, I don’t know what else to change from the design though I made 2 designs.

Design #1

Design #2

So, what do you think of my designs?

xx Zerah