Are you someone who is really boisterous and loud and talkative and doesn’t seem to be out of topics to talk about? Well that’s me.

I’m honestly a loud person (I also nag, well, only to my brother though, for now). And sometimes I’m a big complaining machine. I always have words to say, from ideas to chismis to anything random. That’s why I write, always! To minimize annoying people because of my noisiness. And now I have to annoy my readers! {Bear with it!}

But there’s this one person who really manages to listen to me for hours and hours without complaining, and he doesn’t seem bored at all. Sometimes I caught him so intently looking at me and listening to me. It made me blush inside and I have to remind myself to shut up. And though sometimes I know he’s sleepy, never did I remember that he slept on me while I was talking endlessly. Instead it is I who tend to sleep first. I must be tired from all that talking!

This great listener is my boyfriend. He never gets tired of listening, and I truly appreciate that part of him. He sometimes jokes that I never run out of stories to tell him. And though he sometimes can’t see how great he truly is, I love him for who he is.

I am blessed.