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Hi everyone! How’s your week so far? Mine quite busy, as always. I’ve been stressed out, and tired… but still, good news always has its way to cheer me up.

First, after 163 minutes, on 3rd sets with 19-17 matches, Roger Federer (Switzerland), finally won and is on his way to win the gold medal (Tennis Men’s Singles). After Juan Martin del Potro faulted on his last shot and the ball didn’t went over the net. Though it saddens me to see del Potro cry. Who wouldn’t when you did your best and went that far to win the game right? And now, I’m looking forward to see Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic’s semi’s . On the other game of Women’s Singles, Maria Sharapova won! Yehey! And I’m hoping a Williams vs. Sharapova match on finals! Go!

No! I don’t know how to play Lawn Tennis, but I really really enjoy watching good plays and games. Though I know the rules and such, (all thanks to anime Prince of Tennis actually), I haven’t tried learning lawn tennis. I have 3 rackets at home {Prince, Head and Dunlop} but it’s just there on display for the nth year. My aunt used to play tennis whenever she comes to PH, but I don’t know how long it has been since she last played.

It was one of my goal this 2012 actually to learn how to play lawn tennis, and hopefully before the year ends, I’ll know how to play even just the basic hits. Forget about top spins and slices and smashes! Hahahaha! I’m a good badminton player though! 😉 And same goes to volleyball.

I’m not really an outdoor player type of person, but I told my self to always try new things! So, wish me luck on me learning lawn tennis! :-p

What games do you guys play?

More posts to come,
xx ~Zera