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And speaking of sports and such, of course you need a good shoes! I’ve been eyeing nothing less than Nike. And I want my Nike iD-ed.

My cousin recently bought her NikeiD and I want one too! Hahaha. Since personalizing Nike here in PH is nearly impossible, not to mention exclusive, I told my cousin that I’m interested in buying one. Not now though since the weather is really bad and it’s impractical to run or play in this kind of weather.

Anyway, I want Nike Cortez Nylon or Suede for starters.

Just a quick rundown of the design I want! 😉 Nike Cortez red and blue! And the best part about this is this:

NIKEiD lets you add your name. Name location varies on what type of Nike shoes you want to buy. Prices also varies of course! But the iD costs additional 10euro!

What do you think of my design? Though it’s not the ideal shoes I need for playing lawn tennis, but since I run too, I think this will do for me! And speaking of Tennis shoes, Lunar Speed 3 is a must have! While if I want personalized one, only Zoom Breathe 2k11 can be iD-ed.

You can also try iD-ing Nike here: click here. It’s Nike Germany though. I think iD’s are also available on Nike USA site! I haven’t tried it though since I’m also watching out for the prices of the shoes.

Any more suggestions?

NIKEiD soon, you’ll be mine!
xx Zerah