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Such a fuss the Olympics made this year! But what made it most exciting are those people who participated in it. And thus, I present my 3 most favorite scenes. These are, I think, what made 2012’s Olympics memorable.


That moment when I saw J.K. Rowling reading a text on the opening of Olympics, my heart wants to sing with joy. I’m so proud of being a Potterhead and seeing her there is incredible! I’m so proud of you JK. ♥


And who could forget that HRH Queen Elizabeth jump from a helicopter with James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig)! Of course, she’s just a double of the Queen :p But still, isn’t it amazing that the queen agrees to perform/participate in this mini-scene of Olympics Opening?


Mr. Bean {Rowan Atkinson} makes this event a cheerful one! He’s one of a kind and I always like him!

All in all, I think it’s amazing. It doesn’t matter who presented the best {yes I’m talking about Beijing’s opening last 2008}. I think what matters is that all of countries and nations unite {even for a few days} in this historic event!