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My cousin An is now enrolled on Tony Galvez School of Cosmetology, for a 2-year course. And I was like WOW! That’s a prestigious school for cosmetology here in Philippines.

I’m excited for her. You see, we’re like sisters, and treated each others like one, since I don’t have an older sibling. What I’m excited also is that I told her to share {for lack of a better term. hehehe} on what she’ll learn on cosmetology, especially on skin care and make-ups!

Anyway, we went there last time at Tony Galvez to have my beau’s mustache and beard shaved. {Good thing he said yes!} since An needed a model for her practical exam 😉

I’m sorry I don’t have their ‘before’ shaving shots. An herself forgot to take one! 😉 But that’s her friend too. She needed two models eh.

All shaved. Gwapito na! Hehehehe.

Anyway, my cousin needs another model again. For those who are interested, you can leave me a message here in my blog {please do see also the Follow.Follow.Follow above}, or you can tweet An @ShiLiYu . She have a FB account but I think it’s modified that only certain people can search her.

Well well well… I’m up for a little project… 1st, I’m going to customize my wordpress so that you could send me an e-mail via wordpress. 2nd, I’m going to make a wordpress blog for An… I promised her too that I’m going to make one for her, so watch out for it. I’m up for a little SEO and internet marketing again. 😉

See y’all soon,