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We all have a dream house {or two}! In my case I see this black and white house, my own ‘heaven-on-earth’ type. I don’t really like those colorful exteriors too. I like it to be minimalist type. Same goes to the interiors of the house. And I like it that me and Wayme have this same idea of black & white house. ♥

I’m not really particular on the details of the living room and other parts, except with the kitchen and the bedroom. I wanted a big kitchen! With complete appliances, sharp knives, cooking tools, a see-through fridge {oh just wait and I’ll soon post a picture of my dream kitchen}.

But for now, I want to share what I dream of how a bedroom I want looks like.

Yes! I want a mirrored closet! With lots of dividers and drawers for clothes and undies and accessories and shoes. I’m a little OC when it comes to the arrangement of things. I want to separate white clothes with colored ones. Hang those that needs to be and fold those tees.

I really want to achieve a white room, but with family planning and such for the future, well, that seems to be impossible. {I see my kids to be as playful and naughty as Wayme was when we he was a kid}. So I opt to have a neutral color instead, like the one above or those below.

This is close to my ‘heaven-on-earth’ vision of a bedroom. I also love the neutrality of it’s color as well as the blend of it.

Great room for a girl. I like the wall paper and the curtain especially.

When I was a kid, I used to dream of a room like this. Since my room at my hometown is small, I like to maximize the space. Plus, the built-in closet with bed is a big factor for me. But papa don’t want it, cause he wanted to build a closet at my brother’s room and in that room will be where my clothes went too.

Don’t you love the headboard of this one? Plus the side lights behind those boards is the best way to show the silhouette of the bed. AND those flowers too! A refreshing way to lighten up your bedroom.

There are endless possibilities and designs out there. Here’s the link where I got these magnificent bedroom ideas. Click here.

Dream On.