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Truth be told, the world isn’t always a bed of roses. It’s a tough journey, and we have to have enough willpower to keep ourselves from falling down when the skies aren’t bright. We have to stay strong because most of the time only you can pick yourself up. And sometimes we have to be strong and keep a straight face not just for our selves but also for those people we love and relies on us.

But being strong isn’t as easy as it may be sound. You aren’t just burnt out physically but also emotionally. There will be lots of factors where you will feel really tired and you just want to quit, but you can’t, you won’t.

All you need {well, all I need} is time alone. To find peace and solitude and silence. To think and reflect on your self, on your actions. I may look tough, but I also breakdown and cry.

Not all the time I know what I should do. I really don’t like being a pessimist. I really don’t like sensing negative vibes. I really don’t like being sad and feeling tired.

I choose happiness. No one is in charge of my happiness except me! And I need to motivate and inspire myself.

I’m praying to have enough courage to stay strong… so help me Lord!