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Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego!

What matters sometimes is not who is wrong or right. What matters most is that you value your relationship more that you have to set your pride aside. Being right is not as important as making things right.

But also remember, saying you’re sorry means you have to say it from the heart, otherwise, it’ll be useless… it just means you’re avoiding the argument, which is not good too because eventually, you’ll keep on repeating your mistakes.

I remember papa when I was a child and I did something wrong to my mom, any family member and friends, he always said: “May kasalanan ka, ano sasabihin mo?” (You did something wrong, what will you say?) and then I’d say: “I’m sorry po!”… and a follow up question is always: “Ano pa ang sasabihin mo?” (What will you say next?). It is here that I always hesitates, because I know my self then, I was naughty and I don’t know if I can believe my self too. But then after a while (which means after almost tears) I’d say: “Hindi na po mauulit.” (It won’t happen again.)

This is one of a lesson in life I don’t want to forget and I want to pass on too. When you’re sorry, say it, and mean what you say. And make sure that it won’t happen again. Make sure you make up for what you’ve done wrong, and think that what can you do to make it right.

Because when you don’t, you might one day regret it, not having to apologize to those people, especially those that really matters.

~Live life with no regrets.~
xx Zerah