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As I’ve mentioned before, I am a great lover of Japanese foods. I love sushi, maki, tempura, udon, and many more. Just last June 6, we had an appointment at a spa for a massage. And just as I was looking through the google map to find out where is this Stone Leaf Spa, I happen to see that little landmark there: Little Tokyo!

Intrigued by the place, I google it again to see what it looks like! And I was astonished to see that the ambiance really resembles that of a street I once saw in a Japanese movie, where there are lots of restaurants.

Then I suggested it to babe that I want to eat there after our massage! And the place was what I really imagined it to be! Little Tokyo is the place to go if you want to try out authentic Japanese feast with a matchless cultural setting. They serve exceptionally delectable Japanese cuisine that everyone would surely go back for.

There are Japs eating there and the place is owned by a Japanese, and they’re speaking Japanese! How good is that. I wish to go to Japan just to experience their restaurants and observe their people and lots, when I experienced it here in Philippines!

Oh I forgot to tell, I brought my sister along. She just came back from Germany too and it’s also a treat to her for being a good girl while we’re at the spa. She waited there for an hour! 🙂

While waiting for our order! I can’t wait either. Oh did you know their sou chef is a Filipino! How cool is that?

These are Japanese businessmen eating there… How did I know they’re Japs? Of course I heard them speak Japanese! Hahaha

I don’t know if those plates are clean or not but I’m quite enjoying this place!

We’re all just excited for our food to come

Our appetizer: Carbonara! And it’s so yummy! I bet they just used egg yolk when they made this. A must try recipe!

This is what my sister ordered! Miso soup and Uni Don!She liked it since she like eating some tilik as what we call it in our province. (Cost:P390)

This is what I ordered: Oyako Donburi served with rice + Miso soup! I love it! {Cost: P290}

At first I thought this was ramen, but it’s not. I don’t know what it’s called either. It’s a special lunch set (Cost: P350) :p

Futo Maki {Cost: P380} I’ve wanted to try a new kind of Maki and this one didn’t let me down. It’s filled with tamago (egg) &  Shrimp and cucumber.

Thanks to Nodasho Japanese Restaurant for giving us a wonderful Japanese cuisine experice. ♥

And this is what Little Tokyo looks like! It really feels like you’ve stepped into a Japanese world found in Philippines 🙂

We’ll be coming back for more authentic Japanese foods! ♥