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It was 18 years ago that I first know him. That time I was fascinated to the idea of weddings and happy ever after, and though I was a child, it felt so real marrying someone {even though there’s no contract or papers}. I was excited back then to wear a bridal gown and being the ‘little bride’… and it was then I saw this ‘little groom.’ I was all smile when I saw him, but he returned none of my smile. Not even a grin. He was suplado!

[Mommy Beth’s Wedding: May 5, 1994]

After that, I was occasionally invited to birthdays and several occasions with his family. Since my mom and his mom are amigas we sometimes spent dinner with their family, or even just loiter at their RTW Store. But we rarely see each other during those times, since he’s so outgoing and really loves to play outside, while I love to just stay at home, maybe watch some cartoons, play memory, or read.

Primary school was no different. Although we went to the same school, had been classmates since 1996 {Grade 2}, we never talk. Obviously he’s a boy and he rather want to spend time with his friends, playing boy stuffs and other what nots. While I’d rather want to play barbie and playhouse. We were never close, but I kept a close eye on him. Though child at heart {and still is}, he is my first crush, my first love. I don’t know what gravitational force pulls me towards him, but I was really really attracted to him. He is my ideal man.

It was in Grade 6, around July or August 2000, that he came to notice me… or was it just his friends teasing him on me? I don’t know, but I was so happy and excited to the fact that he notices me. I even wrote him a letter. I forgot it’s contents but I am hoping he still have that letter, I might post it here. And what makes me more delighted is that he responded to that letter! But I was so afraid of my parents, the night that they discovered the letter on my closet, the next day I returned it to him.

But that romance was so short, like I said, his friends was teasing him, and not just to me, there are other girls too. I was jealous, truth be told, I was broken-hearted for the first time, and I cut my hair short for the first time!

{to be continued…}