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Though Manny Pacquiao may have lost the fight last Sunday (Philippines +8GMT), we still find some time to enjoy the rest of the day. We watched a Pay-per-view at Cuneta Astrodome and after Manny’s fight, we went straight to Mall of Asia to shake the frustrations off and have fun.

But boyfriend’s been having a hard time getting over Manny’s defeat (hahaha!).

Just after having a dinner, we watched Prometheus… I’m kind of confused on the story, but it was a good one (or maybe I enjoyed it more because we watched it on 3D) ^_^

But the real fun actually began after watching a movie. I’ve been craving for Starbuck’s blueberry cheesecake for months now and finally I had one yesterday at MOA’s starbucks! Yes! And after satisfying my craving, I saw this ferris wheel (MOA Eye) and I wanted to try riding one. I’ve ridden one before, at Star City, though I was really afraid of the heights, I am always challenging my self to face my fears! And alas! I faced my 2nd greatest fear… HEIGHTS!

This ferris wheel is called “MOA Eye” And it’s Sunday so you can really expect there will be lots of people spending some time with their families.

We were just in line waiting for our turn! And the weather was great, it was so windy from the looks of my hair.

Beau’s been telling me how small I am! I know I know, do you really have to emphasize it? Hahahaha.

Taking a stolen shot. I love how his silhouette shows here. ^_^

I don’t know how high this is, but I know I’m crazy riding this thing when I know I’m afraid of heights! Feeling strong huh! hahahaha

Just in time for sunset. Manila Bay is famous for it’s sunset view! And I know this is the thing that keeps me wanting to ride ferris wheel. I want to watch sunset with him, and be with him, looking over the world from above. ♥

And I am so enjoying my self in his company. Though my feet are shaking and I am producing bullets of sweats because it was really really really high up there. Beau’s been telling me to look down (and I’ve been looking down too!)

“Someday you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life…Just be patient.”

As I have found the one I want to spend time watching sunset everyday for the rest of my life. ♥