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I remember when I was I child, my Aunt brought this box of cards called Memory. We played for hours and I was really good at it! But then just last night we were playing the ones my sister brought from Germany. I was confident that I still have good memories, not until my sister swiped all the cards available {she won twice in a row. And we just had two rounds!} Frustrating, but we had soooo much fun! Laughing because my mom got only 2 to 5 pairs, and in the end she resorted on cheating by opening 4 cards in 1 turn!

I wonder if I can buy memory cards here in Philippines. Does anyone know? It really is a fun game so you should try playing it especially with your family!

I also love the pictures in their cards. They’re so cute and lovely. The game is not just for kids. Anyone can play it… and besides, we should not forget the kids we once were right? The one who stresses nothing, worries nothing, but just laugh and have fun and explore. Growing up makes us forget those memories on how we tend to have so much fun when we were young. Well, don’t. Enjoy life like how you enjoyed it when you were just a kid!


We’re just having fun. Living Young and Wild and Free!