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Goes to Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling!!!!

I’m a great fan of ‘The Notebook’ most especially Rachel & Ryan tandem! And I’ve been crazy about the movie I watched it for the nth time already!

But what makes me really crazy right now is that Rachel and Ryan won the Best Kiss on MTV Awards!!! And what makes me crazier now is when they went upstage and perform another scene they did at the movie. I was like “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I can’t breathe!” Hahahaha. I know, crazy right?

Well, I hope you’ve seen the vid {and the movie} and you’ll know exactly what I’ve been talking about!

Here’s the vid on MTV Award’s Best Kiss!

{I got the photo from Tumblr}

And they’re so hot out there in stage! Agree?!

I love them both!!!! ♥