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I totally love weekend. It’s not just because I get to sleep for 8-10hours, I get to to relax from my intoxicating work… But because I get to spend more time with my love.

What I love the most is that, I get to live with him at weekends. I can cook dinner for him, on the other hand, he makes breakfast for me. It’s so perfect!

I love the fact that I can live with him, I get to know him more. Some of his attitudes, how he treat his family and brothers. I also love spending some time with his brothers, just like last night, we watched movie on his bro’s laptop. Cool huh?!


Last night, I cooked beef kaldereta for him. I thought it’s going to be an epic failure, since I should have boiled the beef first pala. But it turns out to be fine. Thank goodness!


Every moment spent with you is soo precious, if only I could freeze time, i’d freeze every moment I have with you. Every moment is what I want to treasure the most. Being with you is what I love the most.

Spend more time with your love ones. Enjoy each moment. Smile more. Laugh hard. Create memories. Love with all your heart.