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It’s Monday and what’s a better way to start your week than have a breakfast spent together with your love one?


Frying rice. The best cook ever. He’s sweating all over, but you know that feeling when you see him sweating and preparing meal for you… He’s really making me a princess you know.

And it’s like, “isang tingin ko palang sa’yo, busog na ako” moment? And in that moment you really really appreciate everything life gives you… Unexplainable, but it’s like falling in love all over again.


Just a simple breakfast for us, but it’s a breakfast full of sweats and love. It doesn’t matter really, but the effort and the love he pours behind it makes it sooooo delicious. And I’m so full… Full of love love love.

I love you so much… And one of these days, I sure will prepare something for you too.