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Call center life ain’t easy. Truth be told, there aren’t much of holidays, and so if you have a privelege to have a holiday, enjoy it. Live with it. Go out. Have fun!

And today happens to be the Memorial Day and it’s a day full of memories for me.

We went to Starbucks and since today is Monday, it is Happy Hour Day at Starbucks which means that from 02:00PM to 06:00PM SB offers a 50% discount on their fraps. I expected there will be a lot of people but i never expected that we will be at line for 40 minutes!


See what i mean? It is soo crowded in there!



I ordered Strawberry and Creme frap while babe had Java Chip and Crumble. Don’t ask me why he did that, he just told me he’s taking advantage of the discounted frap 😉



And since we don’t have any seats at SB, we had dinner at BonChons. And they had the yummiest chicken ever!


It’s the crunchiest chicken ever. And the spiciest! Whheeeew! It is a must try chicken to all most especially to those who loves spicy foods.




While I was listening to Monster Radio, i heard some review about Men in Black. And true to Dj Cerah’s words, the movie was wonderful. I almost cried. A must seen movie.

And I really thank my babe for making this day memorable. i love you so much babe.

Happy Memorial Day to all!