Not only did I consider my self lucky but I know I’m so blessed to have someone who truly loves me… who takes good care of me.

Just today I spent most of my day at my boyfriend’s house. He invited me over just to have a snack at his place. He cooked for me, toasted some bread for me. You know that moment when you see the one you love having bullets of sweats all over his face and that feeling that you are one lucky girl having your guy work so hard to cook a meal for you. Not only that but that “kilig moment” you have plus all you could think of is that he’s super handsome though he’s dripping sweats all over? Yeah! I know! I’m head over heels to this man who really makes me feel so loved.

He’s the sweetest guy and I’m the luckiest girl!

And I really really love him. I love him for the man he truly is! ♥

Happy & In Love {Z}