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“We are delighted that Pottermore is now open to everyone.

If you haven’t yet signed up, now is your chance to discover if you’re magical. Please visit Pottermore.com where you’ll be invited to give us a few details about yourself to find out.”

After checking my e-mail, I found this news letter from Pottermore. To all Potterheads out there, who has been waiting for a chance that Pottermore will be open to all, well, here it is now!

Last July 2011, J.K. Rowling announced about this online interactive for all Harry Potter fans out there. As most of us says, The Magic Continues. And so it does. Unfortunately, the site wasn’t open to all. You have to look out for the ‘Magical Quill Registration’ which only opens on a certain time, and lasts around an hour or two, wherein you have to answer certain questions and the answers can be found on books. The first three are quite tricky there, but the last four are super easy.

Anyway, the purpose of this Magical Quill Registration is for a selected people to have an early access to Pottermore and become a Beta User. Luckily for me, I qualified for registration on the very first day.

But, I’m quite disappointed on the development of the site. It’s supposed to be open to all last October 2011, but it took them 8 months {more or less} to do that. And what’s more disappointing is when I logged in at my account is, the journey to book 2 {HP and the Chamber of Secrets} is still unavailable.

The good news is that, Wizarding Duel is now active and can be used. And above all, my House, Gryffindor is on the lead with Slytherin on 2nd place. The last time I checked we were just on 3rd place!

Well anyway, to those who wants to try, my username is “HeartWalnut67”

And for more information regarding Pottermore, check out their blog: Pottermore Insider.

Let the magic continue.

Potterhead Zerah