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My sister is just 8 years old and I’m already Twenty-tooooot LOL! Our age gap is huge, but that doesn’t hinder us to be close to each other. And I really love my sister, she’s so sweet {though “mataray” sometimes}, and she’s so funny most especially when she doesn’t act like her age. She even scolds me sometimes {how dare you sis! haha!} And she has a huge talkative mouth, though I know she can keep a secret {I told her one actually, and she didn’t tell mama about it}

Actually, I miss her. She’s always with me for two months every summer vacation. And she’s in Germany now, having the time of her life… lucky!

And funny thing is, my Tita keeps on buying her PINK dress, though she have a dark complexion. But for some reasons, pink suits her just fine!

And she’s so cute in here ♥

I miss you sisteret!

xoxo Ate