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Dear Love of my Life,

What can I do thousand miles away from you?

{Photo: December 2008 @ Can-Umiang, San Agustin, Romblon}

It’s barely a thousand miles. Just 323 kilometers {200 miles} but it really feels like you’re too far to reach. Yes there are the latest technologies now and internet and stuffs, but I still prefer you being here by my side, where I can touch you, I can feel you. It feels different knowing you’re far from me and that I’ll never see you whenever I want.

Maybe I just got used to the fact that you’re always there… too much got used to actually. Am I demanding too much? I hope I’m not, I don’t really want to. Maybe I’ll just have to hug you if I really am demanding too much from you.

All I can do now is miss you and think of you. I hope I can find something useful to do to keep me busy and stop counting the days {since time is so slow like its teasing me again}

But hey, don’t mind me, I’m being sentimental {too sentimental actually} right now. I have to set my mind and tell my self to get used to the fact that you won’t always be here by my side. Sometime soon you’ll have to leave me here and work and I won’t be seeing you for months. So I gotta be strong {well, I am strong!}

Just enjoy your short vacation there. I hope I can be where you are right now too.

What can I do?

I’ll wait for you. Z.