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As I was looking at the pictures on my external drive, I found this picture of my cousin’s wedding last year, August 14, 2011. And it was concluded among us that we’re all going to wear a long gown for the event. I was quite hesitant since I’m petite and I doubt how will long gown look on me. I prefer cocktail dresses and the last time I remember wearing long gown was way back August 2000 when I was in grade 6.

I found this long gown at Robinson’s Galleria. There’s this boutique Paperdolls and when I saw {and fitted} the gown, I really feel in love with it. Oh never mind the cost, I liked it, and I’m gonna buy it.

It turns out to be the right fit for me {with the help of dieting and exercise!}

I love it’s halter design and it’s navy blue color. I also love how the lower part of the silk flow perfectly on my body. Oh how I miss my short hair too!

My cousins/aunt/friends. 🙂

The Bride & Groom. Aren’t they lovely? ♥

For more photos, here’s the link of my cousin’s wedding.