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Sometimes, you really tend to forget what you have. You neglect to appreciate even simple blessings you receive. Instead, you look for something you don’t have, until you realize that you lose what you used to have and because you never understood it’s true value. You keep on looking for another stones when you already have diamonds in your hands. You are never happy, because you are not contented.

Be contented. You may not have everything in life, and you may say “Life is unfair.” Appreciate what you have right now. Thank God for giving you what you need, for the people who cherishes and loves you.

Right then, you’ll be happy. You may find your self laughing hard than sighing deep… having tears of joy rather than tears of sadness… having more friends and love ones rather than enemies.

Appreciate life. Be contented in what you have. Laugh hard. Give love. Be happy.